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Sand Creek, Wisconsin
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Before you choose; compare.

Before you hire a pavement maintenance contractor, consider the following:
Is the contractor... Anderson Asphalt The Other Companies
... a year round local presence in the community?
... located in NW Wisconsin for 25 years and planning to be here for many years to come?
... going to rout all cracks prior to sealing?
... sealing all cracks with hot applied rubber crack sealer meeting ASTM D 3405 specs?
... guaranteeing all cracks not to reopen for 3 years or they will be resealed at no charge?
... using Amquard PLUS sealer, a polymerized blend of coal tar and asphalt emulsion meeting Federal specification RP 355e mixed with a proprietary blend additives to give longer wear, blacker color and improved slip resistance?
... the company owner who will be in charge of your job from pricing to completion?
If the answer to all of these questions isn't

     In the sealcoating business companies come and go. Each year there are new companies starting up and over 90% of them are out of business within 2 years or less. Some of these are the "gypsy" seal coaters who come from far away, spray some unknown black goo on your asphalt at a "bargain" price and disappear into the night. Others are local start ups who think its an easy way to make a living but find out that, like any business, it takes long hours and hard work to keep going so they move on to the next "get rich quick and easy" scheme. And there are those who do sealcoating on the part-time "make a few extra bucks" plan using the bare minimum in equipment and materials to make your pavement black. None of these are likely to offer any sort of warranty, or still be in business a few years from now if you do have a warranty claim nor do they usually carry liability or workmans compensation insurance.

     Why take a chance on the unknown when you have proven quality available from a local contractor with 25 years experience right here in your part of the state?
Anderson Asphalt has been in business right here on the banks of the Red Cedar River at Sand Creek since 1987.

We have always carried insurance and supplied insurance certificates to anyone who requests them.
We always guarantee all cracks we route and seal not to reopen for 3 years or they will be resealed at no charge.
We have always applied 2 coats of sealer to all commercial lots and high traffic areas.
We have always used hot applied rubber crack sealer meeting ASTM D 3405 specs and sealer meeting RP 355e federal specifications.
We are always willing to show you jobs we have done years ago so you can see how our work holds up.